new with black mamba k2 spice review

The ban for k2 spice is coming soon guys (December 26 2010) so there are TONS of new k2 spice blends on the market.  I have been looking around for some good alternatives, and it seems all the big distributors have there own new blend.  I have ordered 3 different kinds and will review them as they come in.  I already got my k2 blue from their shipping is great. K2 spice is made with a great 3-herb blend is very potent.  Has a decent smell to it, and is the perfect texture if you like to roll blunts or joints with ease.

K2 Spice lasts a little longer than other herbal incenses.. that was another thing I liked about it.  Definitely worth the money, check out there site and get a tester bag.. this might just be your new favorite Incense.  Some compare it to the strength of K2 Summit.  however I DOUBT that is true!  It is near the same level as k2 summit, but more powerful for sure.

I rate Black mamba a 9.5/10.. Definitely worth it.

Searching for information about the new K2 spice products?  Look no further!  I will soon have reviews up of ALL the new products, which are:

  • K2 Herb
  • K2 Sex
  • K2 Melon
  • K2 Passion Fruit
  • K2 Ultra
  • K2 Wild Cherry

And of course, reviews and information on current K2 spice blends!  So be sure to check back often for updated reviews, news, and ingredient lists!

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